Keith Phillips, a performer and piano teacher from Norcross, recently released his original solo piano CD "Nightfall". It is a collection of seventeen soothing melodies that take the listener on a relaxing journey. The distinct styles heard are folk piano, Irish dance, and classical.There are a variety of slow and faced paced tempos on the album. "I wanted the listener to have an active listening experience, but the CD is also designed to be played softly at more relaxing times of day."

Keith began playing the piano at the young age of six. He continued his studies up until high school in classical music, competing on the state level in piano while living in Greenville, SC.

Keith moved back to his hometown of Athens, GA in 1980 for high school and began writing songs alongside his classical interests. His involvement in jazz band at Cedar Shoals high school in Athens also helped forge his ability to improvise.
College soon followed with Keith being a piano performance major at Furman University. "Furman was a wonderful place to be creative. Amy Grant has attended there and was an inspiration, and opportunities to play in coffeehouses on campus with original music arose," Phillips said.

Keith eventually winded up at the University of Georgia in the business school. While at the University of Georgia Keith performed in cover bands, such as the R&B band "The Common People", the acoustic rock band, "Shadowcaste", and the country band, "The High Country".

Living in Athens also gave Keith the chance to get to know R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe. "His grandfather was a Methodist minister, so he grew up in the church," Phillips said. "Michael was an influence on me. He's such an incredible artist. To have that caliber of a person around, it is an inspiration." "Every Christmas Eve, Michael would sing hymns at the church. It was amazing. It's like witnessing Bono (of the Irish band U2) doing that."

Upon completing a degree at UGA, Keith worked in accounting for a few years, and eventually moved to Atlanta in 1997 looking for musical opportunities. He currently performs at east Cobb's 6000-member Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta. He also has many students at JFBC besides his own private students thoughout north Atlanta.

"People have responded overwhelmingly to the CD", Phillips said. "Some listen to it everyday. That is the nicest compliment I could receive, that it is functional music in people's lives, not just a CD in their collection. People need relaxing music in a stressed out world and that was the reason for creating it."

"Nightfall" has gotten positive feedback from Peter Mansi, editor of New Age Voice magazine, and a positive review from Dan Liss of Oracle 20/20 magazine. Hiram Hicks, a well known producer/manager, who has worked with acts such as Boys II Men, Keith Sweat, and TLC, thinks "(Nightfall)… brings a breath of fresh air to New Age music." Hiram Hicks, upon listening to the CD, also agreed to help acquire distribution.

"I'd like to share my music with others, and hope that someone's day was made
better from listening," Phillips said.